Welcome to Vapor Blast Canada

Finally.....a Local Solution for those Restoration Needs

Now you don't have to ship those parts overseas or across the border because we've brought Vaporblasting to Canada. We are a privately owned company with many years experience in motorcycle and automotive restoration and just like you we're enthusiasts working on our own projects as well.

Whether it's a vintage restoration, a daily rider or an aluminum intake for that classic car, we can help you along the way with Vaporblasting parts, cleaning carbs in our Ultrasonic Machine or just degreasing those engine cases. We're here to help with preserving the hobby.vapor blasting

Just to clarify, non-ferrous metals include aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, tin, titanium and zinc, and alloys such as brass are what this process is perfect for. It's a two step process to a great surface finish, degreasing in our new Miniwash 480 machine then into the Aquablast 915 for Vaporblasting.

You'll never go back to the old way of trying to refinish those parts after having them Vaporblasted.

If that's not enough just bring in anything you need sandblasted and use our new Do-It-Yourself Sandblasting service. Whatever your project might be this is perfect for removing the finish from furniture, glass, plastics, metal and more. It's a nice hands on appproach that puts you in control of your own project.

Contact us today to get started! Call or email Kevin.

Company Information


Name Vapor Blast Canada Ltd.
  #13 - 7906 Enterprise Drive
Address Chilliwack, B.C. V2R 5N8
Phone 604-819-1201
Email vaporblastcanada@shaw.ca