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Vapor Blasting

Vapor blasting is the best and safest method for cleaning and polishing your project. It is ideal for automotive aluminum intakes as well as vintage motorcycle engine cases, cylinders and heads. Perfect process for a British bike or other restoration.

Vapor blasting is an innovative technology that "softly" cleans and polishes aluminum, stainless, copper and brass. The process doesn't remove material from the component but, improves the overall finish.

The key to vapor blasting is that the finish is produced through flow of water borne abrasive, giving a finer finish due to the flushing action of the water. No media is impregnated into the component, unlike dry blasting where the finish is produced by sheer force of media impact.

Vapor blasting has been used and relied on for many years in the cleaning of medical equipment and air craft components. It is the best technology for your restoration project.

Vapor blasting is great for surface finishing components and surface preparation prior to reassembly.

Your motorcycle and automotive parts will look original if not better than new.

Ultrasonic Carb Cleaning

The first benefit of Ultrasonic cleaning is the timeline compared to traditional cleaning methods. We've all used sprays and soaked parts in solvents for days without ever getting the right results,Ultrasonic cleaning represents a number of benefits over alternative methods.

Another major benefit of ultrasonic cleaning is its ability to reach hidden areas. Cavitation occurs anywhere where water particles can reach. This means that items such as carbutetor bodies and even motorcycle cylinder heads, which have a number of internal channels, will be thoroughly cleaned throughout. The cleaning fluid will flood these channels enabling the scrubbing action to work in even the deepest and smallest spaces.

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